revere and serve the divine within

Part 1 – An old book rises from the archives

OK. So a week before Christmas, I checked out a book from my university’s library — one I had a requested from another university. The book was the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius’.

Much to my surprise, I had inadvertantly requested (and received) an 1887 publication of the book. Yes, 1887! This book looked like it had been cursed. In fact, my 4 year old daughter Cora warned me, upon seeing the book on my nightstand, that the book looked like an old potion book — just like the Grandma’s cursed recipe book in an Amazon Original tv show she enjoys watching.


Part 2 – The book

Images of the 1887 publication of the Marcus Aurelius Meditations I referenced above.


Part 3 – A reflecting moment

For the past month, I’ve been slowly (very slowly – especialy so that I don’t destroy the crumbling pages… and binding) reading through Aurelius’ meditations.

I don’t want to sweep 2016 under the rug and, for some reason, I sense that I might gain some insight from this man who live a thousand+ years ago.

I’ve been creating more visual responses to my thoughts and emotions on here lately. Hopefully, these endeavors aren’t too over-used, but here is another attempt to interact with words and images.

These images (below) are Marcus’ words, but I have taken some creative license with how they’re arranged. Just check out Book II from his Meditations for the chronological version.

Part 3 – Honoring the divine within

Click here for a PDF Screen reader friendly version.



[Interior – because retreating within to search, reflect, and see may be the only way to grow from my past.]


Birds like to read too. It’s true.

Something New!

Over the holiday break, I had just enough time to read a bit. While it is true that I (and Titmouse) read a book distributed by a larger publishing house, I (we) plan to read more indie authors this year.

I am crossing over from 2016 to 2017 on a creative high note, so I hope the book review format, at the least, is interesting (ideally, I hope it is entertaining!).

Click here for PDF-Screen Reader-Friendly Version.

Hope this post reaches everyone flying high in the new year! 🙂

[Recommendations are welcome – especially  indie books!]