Mental Health

I’ve lived with some form of depression and anxiety for a solid 30-ish years. Even as a child, I recall feeling blue on a regular basis. Some days and some years I would do OK. Others, not so much.

But then in August 2016, I had what therapists used to call a nervous breakdown. I felt completely overwhelmed by every aspect of my life — from work to parenthood to self-care. I turned off my cell phone and stopped responding to emails.

Then I started to cry.

And cry… and cry and cry and cry.

On August 22, 2016, I published my first post on this blog and titled it “Put on a Happy Face.”

I went back into therapy with an official diagnosis of clinical depression with anxiety. [And I am still in therapy.]

I’m not sure what made me finally snap, but here are just a few possibilities:

  1. diagnosis of Lynch Syndrome
  2. work related relocation 8 hours away from family & friends
  3. my sister’s diagnosis of colon cancer months after her 39th birthday (she has Lynch too)
  4. my own hysterectomy & oophorectomy  (to prevent potential cancer from Lynch)
  5. foot surgery (and 3 months of no walking followed by many more in rehab)
  6. on-going fight against depression & anxiety
  7. the discovery of colon polyp — luckily not cancerous
  8. happy meds failing … I’m talking epic failure
  9. poor coping skills

I’m learning to live with my mental ill [well] ness. I’m learning to thrive despite my fears — especially of the Lynch Syndrome.


Most of the time, you can find my mental health fight stories here.