revere and serve the divine within

Part 1 – An old book rises from the archives

OK. So a week before Christmas, I checked out a book from my university’s library — one I had a requested from another university. The book was the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius’.

Much to my surprise, I had inadvertantly requested (and received) an 1887 publication of the book. Yes, 1887! This book looked like it had been cursed. In fact, my 4 year old daughter Cora warned me, upon seeing the book on my nightstand, that the book looked like an old potion book — just like the Grandma’s cursed recipe book in an Amazon Original tv show she enjoys watching.


Part 2 – The book

Images of the 1887 publication of the Marcus Aurelius Meditations I referenced above.


Part 3 – A reflecting moment

For the past month, I’ve been slowly (very slowly – especialy so that I don’t destroy the crumbling pages… and binding) reading through Aurelius’ meditations.

I don’t want to sweep 2016 under the rug and, for some reason, I sense that I might gain some insight from this man who live a thousand+ years ago.

I’ve been creating more visual responses to my thoughts and emotions on here lately. Hopefully, these endeavors aren’t too over-used, but here is another attempt to interact with words and images.

These images (below) are Marcus’ words, but I have taken some creative license with how they’re arranged. Just check out Book II from his Meditations for the chronological version.

Part 3 – Honoring the divine within

Click here for a PDF Screen reader friendly version.



[Interior – because retreating within to search, reflect, and see may be the only way to grow from my past.]


4 thoughts on “revere and serve the divine within

  1. Hi Suzy, as always, a wonderfully engaging post! May I ask what you use to create your visuals? They are always so enjoyable and add a lovely visual aspect to your thoughts and words. 🙂 Thank you for sharing these thoughts from Aurelius!

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    • Thank you so much! I use two free browser-based services: Canva and PicMonkey. With PicMonkey you can edit images and create collages – no account needed. Canva does require you create an account, but it is all free. Lots of template there, and just like PicMonkey, there are premium features so if you want to add something special, for a small fee you can do it. Canva is where I am putting together the series of pictures using templates and what not they offer there. Definitely give it a try!

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  2. Nature treads in a circle. This statement is so simple and yet I’ve never thought of it in this way. Gets me wondering if I often overcomplicate things around me. Sometimes they just are.


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