No gimmicks. All heart.

Aren’t we all so interesting? So many of us seek connection. We yearn for some form of companionship. We connect as WordPress bloggers, as Twitter and Pinterest members & contributors. There are so many different digital communities where we can connect. Once there, we share our thoughts, our words, our creative endeavors.

Sharing ourselves in this vast, online world is like lighting a candle in the darkest hour on a windy night. A few people might happen to see the flame just before it flickers in the breeze, then disapears. At the point, the journey begins  — to seek out that light.

Whether you experience mental health challenges our not, I think it is fairly common for our brains to  trick us at this dark hour. The brain is like the door-to-door salesman — all the gimmicks: we’re not enough.

Individually, this rule only applies to me (or to you, if your brain does this to you…).

In all the universe…



In fact, in this solar system…


On this planet, in that country, right here….


Everyone else is permitted to make mistakes, to be imperfect — everyone except me…


…. which is completely presposterous.

The salesman lies. Our brains — the mind — has got it all wrong. It is nothing more than mental noise.

At this time of year, the greatest gift we (I) can give ourselves is stillness. And acceptance.

To meet everything and everyone through stillness instead of mental noise is the greatest gift you can offer to the universe.  — Eckhart Tolle


[In response to the Daily Post: Calm]


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  1. This is very important to keep in mind at all times. Initially, when you said “salesman,” I thought you were referencing Willy Logan from “Death of a Salesman” and I was like ‘what up? classic literary reference!’ 😂 Oh well


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