waiting for this moment to arise

So, I’ve been kicking around an idea a little over a year. In fact, truth be told, I created this blog in early 2016 but didn’t begin blogging on it until August. I was so crushed by insecurities, depression, anxiety, I just didn’t want to take the creative leap of faith.

Now, I won’t say anything like “as the new year rolls in” (because this idea has been a long time coming) but I do want to share that I didn’t want 2016 to conclude without showing one more burst of moxie, another creative leap.

So here’s the idea: I’ve been daydreaming about the Meadowlark Flock and imagining my alter-ego is a feathery matriarch — a bird named Titmouse.

Not sure how often I will post here in her birdy voice or to share the birds’ exploits, but let me first introduce you to Titmouse.

[And for those of you contemplating a moxie moment at the end of the year, just remember what the song says: “All your life you were only waiting for this moment to arise.]


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    • So nice to meet you! Thank you – I haven’t been back on the Mom Bloggers Club in a couple of weeks. Need to see if there are any new posts there. I am heading over to your blog now!


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