Strive to be…


Day 3 of NaNoWriMo was super productive! Well, to be honest, any day where I can squeeze in any amount of writing or creative play is a damn good day. 🙂

Yesterday, I added another 1,346 words. With those additional words, Chapter 2 is now finished and I think Erik’s character has a far more solid presence in the novel. (I totally don’t even know what it means to solidly situate a character in a story, but I like the way that sounds. It means Erik is here to stay.)

I’ve now added a countdown and word count update widget to the sidebar of my blog. Not that I am the center of anyone’s cyber universe, but this will be easier to update — not to mention more succinct. I will also continue to provide an update every 2-3 days (but not nearly as long as the updates I’ve posted the first two days).

This blog is my playground, and I don’t want to play (focus) only on the swing-set (theNaNoWriMo Challenge). The sidebar update can, at the least, show how it all goes.

So today, I’m marinating the Daily Prompt — Base — and considering how it relates to the Word of the Day I receive from (if you haven’t checked out that website, I strongly urge you to do so).

Here is the thought of the day from

Strive to be uncynical, to be a hope-giving force, to be a steward of substance.


I hope we all keep as our base the will, longing, and stamina to strive to be _____ (you fill in the blank!). 

Today, I will strive to be observant and present with each moment (a challenge for me – hence the anxiety, I suppose – even when writing, playing with the kids, or snuggling with my husband).