Walk a Mile

Her post speaks for itself, but Amen! I don’t know about the rest of you, but couldn’t we all use a little more empathy and compassion and A LOT less judgment.
Thank you, Beth O’Neal!
(And believe me – this was a much needed post. There’s been a lot of drama in my division at the university.)

via Daily Prompt: Copycat

This morning I saw this and it made my heart sing:


After some googling I discovered it’s a copy of a similar text on another church website here http://allsaintsnet.org/

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve just opened my eyes or because there is less tolerance around, but everywhere I look I am bombarded by judgemental comments and criticism. There is an upcoming election in America and in Britain we have a time of political uncertainty.  I understand tensions are high. I’m however saddened to hear so many people use hate language. It’s generally not aimed at myself – I’m white, British, married and work part-time. I tick some acceptable boxes.  Ok, some find it weird I only have one child or they ask why I only work part time. They ask because they are different. Those around me who are being judged; the problem is they’re different from those doing the…

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