The Plot’s the Thing

Didn’t Shakespeare say something about this  … the play’s the thing??   🙂

Hamlet references aside (And I have to admit. I totally Googled that Shakespeare reference because it has been 20+ years since I took a Shakespeare class…), I have been conducting some serious Internet research to help me get a handle on the plot of my NaNoWriMo2016 story line.

I have also been emailing my step-father because he grew up on a dairy farm in Northwest Ohio where a German POW camp was established during WWII. The German POWs were compelled to work on the dairy farms, including his father’s.

And so it goes. And so it begins.

My protagonist is beginning to take shape and her adventure, I think, is going to hinge on her interaction with the German POWs.

But, a touch more details regarding the protagonist: A couple of weeks ago, a scene materialized in my mind just as I was about to fall asleep (or wake up??).

It was a bedroom – the kind I remember from my childhood and visiting my grandparents. You might know the kind —  homemade cotton curtains, tongue and groove oak wood floors. There is a grandmother in the corner and a young woman in the bed.

And there is nothing but the silence of anticipation in the room. And the sound of the heartland — wind in the wheat, maybe corn fields, cows mooing, a dog barking. Hope that the injured girl in the bed will survive the accident.

Here is the Prezi timeline of the story I’m going to write in November (rough, but growing… in time for November 1).

[Ok … so that is how the story is forming… kind of like the smoke which plumes from a camp fire as it reaches its end…..]


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    • Thank you! Yes, the Prezi embed worked for one second, and then I discovered yesterday I just need to create a hyperlink. It might work now, but if not, I am going to post an updated plot in the next day or so. 🙂

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