out of these woods, at the edge of autumn days

Yesterday, John, my mother-in-law, our kids, the dogs, and I spent the day outside. The weather has finally begun acting like proper fall days — crisp, breezy, definitely requiring wool sweaters. Autumn days, however, are most enjoyable because of the leaves falling from the trees and the afternoon sun sitting low on the horizon.

At times like these, I am so grateful and feel blessed because we are fortunate to live with plenty of trees nearby — quite the opposite from our previous home back in the city in Northwest Ohio. There were two trees — actually saplings: one in the back yard and one in front. Neither offered any shade.

But here, the trees are tall and hover close. I think they like watching the goings on down below as much as we enjoy looking up into their canopies. What a ruckus we must make around the camp fire beside their trunks. Roasting apples, drinking dark red wine and hoppy beer, standing like trees, ready to take root.


[In response to the Daily Prompt: Artificial — because artificial light’s got nothing like sun light — and the Daily Post Photo Challenge: Shine]



4 thoughts on “out of these woods, at the edge of autumn days

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  2. Looked like a nice autumn walk you had there with the family. It looks like a lush patch of trees where you are. Very lovely. There is nothing like a relaxing walk among nature and taking things slow 🙂

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