when I wake up frightened…

It doesn’t always make sense, but I suppose depression and anxiety aren’t supposed to make sense, listen to reason, or follow any kind of logic.

Some mornings, I wake up, and I feel unsettled. Worried. That’s what happened today.


But then something different happened. I questioned why. Why did I feel anxious, nervous, fearful? Normally, I am engulfed in the fear when this happens. It feels urgent and eternal.

Not today. This morning, today, I [somehow] broke through it. It dawned on me — what Dr. Jasmine told me — I am not my depressed brain. It’s starting to click – all  this work we are doing in the weekly therapy sessions. All of the work I do between each week’s session.


[In response to the Daily Prompt: Urgent]

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3 thoughts on “when I wake up frightened…

  1. I can’t even adequately voice how correct you are in doing what you’re doing. Whenever I’m upset or feeling down for no particular reason, the first thing I do is walk myself back a step and figure out why in the most objective way possible. I think it qualifies as mindfulness? Anyway, I’ve found this clear thinking and “catching yourself” if you will really helps you to eventually find a solution and maybe even prevent it from happening again. It’s amazing what the brain can do if we open our mind to it. 😉 Get it? (I’m going to be the worst psychologist ever making terrible brain puns like that haha.)

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    • Thank you so much for your encouragement! Some days I feel daunted and question the process. But the process is everything. (And I like those brain puns! Laughing through tears is incredibly therapeutic — for me anyway!)


      • Your welcome! The process is everything and laughing through tears is the best, I literally can’t agree with you more than I do.

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