Serendipity @ 7:35am

We all have those moments, right? The times when an idea is itching to move from one of the mental back burners up to the front.

This morning, as I walked to my 7:45am writing class, I was turning over a specific idea in my head. Over and over and over….

As I crossed the quad, I looked up just as I was about to pass the flag pole. There, at my eye level, I discovered a Post-It note.

And the message said: Just go with it!!

And because I am menopausal at 39, my brain read: Just go for it!

Go with that idea. Explore that poem. Write that article. Make the purple glitter play-dough. Tackle the yearly doctors’ visits for Lynch Syndrome with some moxie. Face the depression. Sit with the anxiety.

I’m jumping feet first into my creative journey as a lifelong commitment.

No more debilitating fear. No more cowering.

I’m keeping this promise, and I plan to deliver.

Just go with it? You bet!




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