Levity: a-new-to-me blog on Depression [online]

Dr. Jasmine shared this blog with me last week (see below).

What rock have I been living under that I missed this? I don’t know if I am one of the few who missed Hyperbole and a Half, but I am so relieved that someone has been drawing up representations and exploring mental health with such humor!

[I’m totally able to laugh while crying, so I really, really *get* this blog.]

So, I am sharing one of the images from Allie Bosh’s website (and there are published books too!) that captures *the depressed moment*….. I think we all experience this moment – whether there is a clinical diagnosis of mental health or not.

[Thank you, Allie Brosh, for sharing these raw moments.]


Allie Brosh, “I feel nothing,” 2013. http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/2013_05_01_archive.html


[Note: I did not create the above image. I don’t own it – Allie Brosh owns it. Β All rights belong to Ms Brosh, her publisher, and whatever blood oaths Ms Brosh has entered into with this totally awesome illustration.]


[In response to the Daily Post Prompt: Breakthrough]


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