3-Day, 3-Quote Challenge

I was a bit under the weather yesterday, so today is the final day of my 3-Day, 3-Quote challenge. Thank you to Confessions of a Reborn Girl for this challenge!

Today, I am highlighting quotes from writers I follow on WordPress — they truly inspire me and I feel that we are creating a tribe of writers who compose on the digital boundary.


Dare to differ

try helping

try more


Just try.”

A Mile in My Shoes (who recently redesigned her blog – love the new look!), posted 10/4/2016 (and no, I didn’t select this quote because she posted it on my birthday – but it helps :-). There are so many fabulous pieces of writing on her blog. Do check it out!)


“then my wife turned to me
and said
I’m so lucky I
have the handsomest man here

I could only say thank you and
the night went on”

Justus Creek, posted 10/6/2016 (this is exactly how I feel about my husband, and I am so glad he articulated it so gracefully, poetically! I encourage y’all to stop by his blog as well — more like this excerpt there!)


“Oh, the joyous result

when mixed with sugar, flour, butter

and baked for all to enjoy

– with frosting aboard

and candles of course

This was my home, Mama!

How did i fit in there?

Why didn’t I break it?”

Freya Writes, posted 9/29/2016 (a poem about an egg, who wouldn’t love it, right?! I enjoy her writing and her artwork – another must see!)

I want to share more — from these writers and many others — but I will follow the rules and share three quotes from writing that moved me most recently and written by writers who inspire me.

Happy Writing to all of Us!


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  1. “I feel that we are creating a tribe of writers who compose on the digital boundary.” This has to be the most badass description of WordPress family I’ve seen yet.

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  2. (a) you’re very nice to mention my post (b) this is a creative idea for a post (c) like Original Phoenix, I also very much like the “tribe of writers” idea you mention and feel like I’m part of a community

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