Suzy. Still.










[In response to the Daily Prompt: Perplexed.]



7 thoughts on “Suzy. Still.

  1. How beautifully written, the sea analogy is exactly what life is like. We ARE all treading water, lifting our heads above the torrent of waves and being tossed about. It is the same ocean. We all begin and end right here. Yes, we do! Aside from that, people see the real you and the real you sounds ace 🙂 Apart from the worry of illness (nobody wants that) I am a bit jealous of your career and having more than one child and your nice balcony. We all think everyone is doing better than us 🙂

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    • Not to sound nonchalant, but ain’t it the truth? My husband actually handles all the home life and kids, but I’ve been trying to spend more times and not bury myself in work (where I typically avoid my concerns ). That view from the balcony is lively. 🙂 Our home back in Ohio was in a very urban city with no yard, so we definitely feel blessed. Thank you for reading and responding. This poem was difficult to write.

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  2. I wish you the best. Living with depression is very difficult. I am on both sides and some days it seems impossible that the sun will ever rise again.

    Thank you for your wonderful comment about my haiku. I strive to make all my poetry meaningful.

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