sometimes, a little glue is ok

This Monday morning is gardening day. I’m tending my mental garden.

It’s pretty neglected. Weeds all about (and not the lovely kind of wildflower weeds either). Dead grass. Hard clay soil — more like a lunar surface than a potentially redolent reprieve.

I am grateful, because my mental garden is salvageable. I have much to do.

I don’t want to enjoy the state of this space. It is miserable, and I worry I might be addicted to the painful sight of it all.

I’m ready to plant to new seeds. It isn’t easy. But I’m discovering that, as Maria Sinayskaya writes in the origami book Joy gave me, like origami, life can “capture the essence of Zen practice in that it involves a mindful observation of what one is doing and repeating that same thing many times — a physical expression of chant.”

How well can I carry myself, conduct my activities, through all this challenging and rewarding work?

I want to find a flow in all these movements, to quiet my mind in this immersive practice. And perhaps one day a sense of peace will be found. Then I will be found.

I won’t always succeed. Origami is challenging – just as life is.

Timing is everything — and we have no control over that sometimes.

Sometimes, it isn’t possible to face these challenges with a light heart. Playfulness definitely ain’t happening.

While I’m not sure I discover calm or patience in this garden, I’m certainly ready to offer these new seeds some rich soil. And a little water too.


Gratitude is not a simple act nor an easy endeavor. Especially when it involves folding a “Skella Gamma Kusudama” – an icosahedron structure.

But I wanted to make a project from the book Joy gifted me last week – -and then present it to her.




Post Script: My brain had some mental origami to overcome to create this thing. Technically in origami you don’t use glue. But you know what? In life and in origami, sometimes a little glue is ok.

P.P.S. Joy was quite touched by the gift. I told her if she ever unloads or discards it, she must promise me she will burn it. I think my brain broke in several places while making this geometric gymnastic routine. The energy needs to be released into the universe.


[In response to the Daily Prompt: Zing!]


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