safe out there with you

As a child, I would often imagine I lived on a tropical, deserted island.

I didn’t know much about the world, but

I knew some of the world.

Surely there was such a place among the Hawaiian chain

of islands.

[I knew of the world, but not much.]

I traveled there often, and swam in the lagoon. Lived in a palm covered hut. Grilled fish on the beach. Gazed up to the moon in the starlit sky.

[Sometimes, there was romance on my island.]

I grew up. Still, I visited my island, and other places, other times, other universes.


But then everything changed.

I grew weary. And reality settled

harshly upon my shoulders.

I couldn’t go back in time or visit my island

or rough it beside Big Salmon River in the Yukon.

My mind became a desolate place, and I was its prisoner.

What about the medical risks? How would I visit the doctors?


At night, in this wasteland, I look up.

If there is only the moon,

it could be as if I never

abandoned my island.

If I close my eyes,

the sound of the wind among the branches

framing the moon above me

could be my island palm trees.

With a cool kiss from the ocean waves.


If I let myself,

I could go back

once more.

[Perhaps, this time, I will stay…]


(In response to dVerse Prompt: Poetics: Wishful Thinking)



26 thoughts on “safe out there with you

    • The security net is the bait and switch of life. We think it will protect us and we will be happy, but the opposite is true. Thank you for reading and for the comment. I’m learning to dream again. πŸ™‚


  1. WeLL.. a respite of beach
    for me all the way through
    school.. and early twenties..
    until work and marriage
    came and more
    and more..
    car loans..
    and more dependence
    as slave on more worries of
    work.. until finally i escaped
    back to that beach that was
    no longer home until
    my soUl recovered..
    66 months later…
    i am
    now.. and
    i ain’t going
    anywHeRe but home now..
    beach as i free sand.. sun
    and fresh water flows in
    veins now FReED..:)

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