Invisible boy: where did you go?

Once I spoke your language. Every glance. Your every expression. The subtle meaning behind each word uttered. Your questions — crying for each falling snowflake.

“Is it dying?”

Now you prefer palm trees and sandy beaches. Tropical flowers.

I told you to imagine what it would feel like to be free.

No more rules for fallen snowflakes.

But you chose to run — to the next adventure. One expedition after another with plenty of detours.

You hoped to escape karma. But the scales weren’t tipped in your favor.

If I had known you were a dreamer, I wouldn’t have missed you quite so much.

If I had known you’d discard the book of poetry (with the decoupage card I made — for you alone), I would have sent magic beans instead.

“Is there a way to make it right?” You asked, as the snowflake disappeared.

It’s too late.

You already turned out the light.

[In response to Flax Golden Tales Writing Challenge]




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