Roadside Oddities: What Have You Seen Today?

It hadn’t been there this morning at 7:30 as I drove down to campus. But when I returned, I was greeted by a new member to the rural landscape.

There, among the corn fields, clover, and nutsedge, was an abandoned cathode tv. Discarded. Stranded. Ponderous. Hulky.

SQ An Unexpected Visitor 2016 v2

Suzy, Q., “An Unexpected Visitor,” 2016

Some days, I can totally relate, lonely RCA tv.

Every day, in some way, we stumble upon something unexpected, odd, and new. Or we come across something old, but we are (finally) able to see it in a new way.

Today, for me, I witnessed something unexpected, odd, old, but I was able to see the landscape in a new way. Because of the new visitor to the scenery. I laughed, alone, in my car, and the levity of the moment lifted my spirits.

[I haven’t laughed — especially when alone — in a long time!]

Whether you see it while driving home, on a walk, or in your backyard, take a quick picture, and share it on your blog. Then let me (everyone!) know why the scene caught your eye.

Share it here in the Comments or Ping back via your blog post. 

And enjoy the adventure of it all (!!). 

[I know — I’ve never thrown out a request like this before, but I really want to see the world beyond the view I see as of late. Hope someone takes me up on this!]


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