All is well. Possibly. Maybe… Probably Not

Tomorrow is my first day back to work (since the nervous breakdown). The semester officially begins.

I teach at 7:45am. (Don’t ask but also don’t feel too sorry for me – if at all. I did it to myself. Thanks a lot, non-depressed me from earlier in the year.)

My next class after that is at 2pm.

[I resigned from several classes and other course-release contracts so that I would be doing less this year.]

If I make it to campus, I should be ok.

[I hope.]

John, my husband, has already decided he and the girls will come down to visit me during the 5 hour break.

Five. Long. Hours.

Maybe there is a bathroom stall I can hide in for 3 of those hours or a broom closet.

[It’s an old campus. I’m sure there’s at least one broom closet. Somewhere. I used to do that during high school. I’m sure I could pull it off again.]

This is where I’m at right now (as Bjork says, “I’m exhausted. Leave me alone.”):

[For the record, I can’t understand Bjork in this song. I thought she was singing about something else (and I’ve been listening to the song since it first released), but now that I’ve read the lyrics, I think it still fits here..]